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What is Podcasting with James Cridland


In today’s episode, we have James Cridland, a radio futurologist (writer and consultant), and an editor of Podnews, a daily podcast newsletter. Also, James is the cohost of the podcast, PodLand News, where they review and anlayze top podcast news from around the world.

He joins us to share about what podcasting really is, some common challenges experienced by podcasters, and a few tips to make your podcasting a success. Tune in for these and more exciting topics!

Highlights From The Episode:

[00:15] About James Cridland

[02:18] About PodLand News

[04:25] What is a podcast?

[05:30] Types of massive search engines

[08:49] Challenge experienced by the podcasters

[09:29] Idea of Discoverability

[11:10] Platforms to use uploading your podcasts

[15:43] How people listen to their podcasts

[18:57] Idea of downloads and their importance to the audience

[20:36] Following the trend and how it can improve your podcasts

[24:21] Idea and concepts about podcasting 1.0 and podcasting 2.0

[26:41] What does podcasting 2.0 do and its uses

[27:27] Benefits of podcasting 2.0

[29:38] Problems with sponsored podcasts

[31:53] Question on FCC regulations towards podcasts

[34:44] Important thing about RSS

[36:05] Question on Celebrity podcasts

[38:50] Thing to focus on

[39:48] Comparison between iPhone Versus Android splits on market share

[43:00] The Future of the podcasts industry

Notable Quotes:

● The important thing is to watch the trends, not the numbers.

● Consumption takes place, where it's sent.

● Focusing on getting the right apps is important in promoting the right thing and being aware of the differences between your culture and other parts of culture throughout the rest of the world.

● You can be discovered somewhere else but your podcast can be discovered somewhere else.

● Getting started isn't the issue, it's actually getting your podcast discovered.


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