Episode 5

Live Stream and Podcast Tips for Success

Every successful podcast started somewhere small. It begins with a simple concept, which then flourishes into the ultimate plan and goal. Getting to the destination takes time and effort—it’s not a one-way ticket. And it requires different processes, strategies, and research.

If you’ve been conceptualizing the content of your podcast or are in the middle of producing episodes, you should know some exciting and helpful tips to help with your journey. Incorporating these suggestions can create an impact on your podcast.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about three excellent podcast tips to help with your success. We’ll discuss downloads, content creation, uniqueness from other podcasts, and audio quality. Happy listening!

Highlights From The Episode:

[00:38] Beauty of live streaming

[01:48] Recap from last week’s episode and its highlights

[04:43] Why you should connect and be a member of Podcasters Live

[06:47] Learning podcasting for beginners

[08:16] Tip 1: Don’t judge yourself by your downloads

[09:28] The number of downloads is not the measure of success

[10:28] Why comparisons are not good for your podcast

[13:58] Your content should help the listeners pull through

[18:58] Journey of podcasting and the Flywheel Effect

[23:08] Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to be different from the mainstream content

[27:46] Authenticity and acquiring the right feedback

[29:15] Incorporating unique ideas into your podcast

[30:36] Two types of downloads and why you should not fixate on it

[32:26] Audience engagement boosts your live streaming

[35:13] Tip 3: Make your guest sound great

[37:21] Providing assets to the guest(s)

[41:22] Ways to make your guest sound great

[47:21] All about first impressions

[49:30] Importance of audio quality

[53:30] Steve’s podcasting journey

[55:18] Recap for this episode

[58:12] Steve’s notes and message for listeners

Notable Quotes:

● Your podcast and its content should be moving people through

● Now it’s time to do something that other people aren’t doing.

● When you start to think about your guest sounding great, you need to sound great as well.

● If we don’t hone our skills, then we’re not getting any better


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