Episode 7

4 Myths About Live Streaming

Every day we are bombarded with new ways to pour our content into the world, but when it comes to live streaming, podcasters seem more hesitant than ever before. When you break it down to the basics, live streaming is just another way of sharing your content.

Live streaming is the secret sauce of podcasting. The ability to share directly with audiences online allows podcasters to engage with their listeners and build relationships with them.  But, there are also some myths that need to be busted before you start.

There are four myths that might be holding you back, and I bust these in this episode so that you can get started on live streaming,  build an audience, a community, and start doing the things that you've always wanted to do. If all you have is an idea or a desire to do something and a list of why it's not possible, it's time to erase that list and start moving forward!

Here are the four biggest myths of live streaming you need to know about so that you'll have a better chance at success.


[1:14] Myth #1: Running a live stream is expensive.

[5:13] Myth #2: You need a tech specialist to run a live stream.

[8:09] Myth #3: Live streaming requires professional presentation.

[10:00] They are coming to listen to you, they know you are not perfect.

[10:25] The only time your presentation needs to be amazing.

[12:00] Myth #4: No one will watch my live stream.

[13:06] Consistency needs to be there.

[13:37] Other objections that keep you from live streaming

[15:26] Cut through the noise.


  • You need a community that is going to help you understand how to live stream properly.
  • The context of live streaming is- stuff happens.
  • We put too much pressure on ourselves when we go live because it has to be perfect.
  • The more genuine and human you are, the better your live streams will be.
  • Your audience needs to know when they are going to see you and hear you.
  • You have the keys to the kingdom to figure out how you are going to allow the people to hear and know about your podcast.
  • No one will watch your live stream if they do not know about it.
  • Consistency will build your community.

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